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“I wrote credit online on Google and that is how the illusion of my friends in residence began to materialize …” From Cream Lender Credit we want to share stories with you like the one we tell you below. Stories of people who have a name, people who have a dream, an ambition, or just an emergency, a little bit more difficult time with their finances.

We are much more than a financial services company: we are opportunities to reach your goals, to materialize illusions and to be able to give you that little push to help make your life a little more beautiful or a little easier. Today we bring you the story of Elisa, a volunteer psychologist in a nursing home in the Community of Madrid. She is much more than a Cream Lender Credit client:

Sharing their time with the elderly

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Elisa has been going to a residence for two and a half years to accompany the elderly two afternoons a week. The first six months he did it because he was part of an experimental study of psychology on the relationship between young and old. Basically the study tried to establish relationships, share activities and experiences being aware of the generational leap between one and the other.

Topics of today and forever were debated, activities such as crafts, board games, readings, outdoor walks and viewing of some movies were carried out; other times they simply chatted in front of a cafe. In this way, young and not so young, they spent moments of the most pleasant.

And what does this have to do with an online loan? Wait, we keep telling you …

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After the six months the study ended, but Elisa was delighted with the experience to such an extent, that she arranged things so that she could continue going on her own without being part of any external project, she simply wanted to continue seeing her friends at the residence, the which gave up a small room so that they could continue having a meeting place. One of the activities that they enjoyed the most and that generated the most participation was reading stories. Most of the time, they were the perfect excuse to tell personal anecdotes, recipes or old customs from back in the 1940s.

The story of Elisa and her seven elders

Elisa’s Testimony: “You have to tell the stories behind the loans. Hopefully our story inspires others to fulfill dreams and improve their lives.

I never imagined asking for money online before all this happened. I just realized how many good stories and experiences they all had to tell. Some were personal, others were traditional tales from his childhood or from his people. I also learned a lot of cooking recipes. I thought that all this could not be lost and that it also had to be shared. Grandparents and elders have a fundamental role in families and society, they are the experience and we should listen to them more. We live more and more on the internet and our rhythms have accelerated. The older generations still have another ‘operating system’ that will soon disappear. It’s good to slow down from time to time and listen to the older ones.

Collect all your stories

“So it occurred to me to collect all his stories and anecdotes. At first I thought about a book and get money to edit it, but the really special thing in all of this was listening to them, hearing their voice. The tone of voice of an older person conveys that experience of which he spoke. You hear their breaks and their emotion. Without image. Just his voice. He also remembers the oral tradition, the stories of the grandparents… so I thought about recording them in audio and making a few CDs. So we would share a common adventure for a few months and then we could distribute the CDs among their families, other residents and their circles. They thought it was a great idea! They were so excited! They told me that their grandchildren could listen to them while they were riding in the car with their children! But… “

Online loans to fulfill illusions

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“The truth is that the project did not involve a lot of money, just a small investment for a couple of days in a recording studio to have audio quality, bring everyone together to the studio and little else. Because I could design the covers myself and print them. But I had no idea how to request money online, so I took advantage of the fact that I was browsing Google and searched, it was there when the illusion of my friends at the residence began to materialize.

Quick and easy loans

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“They wanted to collaborate by contributing equally, so it was easier for everyone. I found Cream Lender Credit, where everything was much faster and easier than I imagined. I never thought that asking for a benefit would allow the illusions of my magnificent seven to be realized. Not that it would be so fast! We have already recorded the stories of Carmen, María, Lucía, Pilar, Félix, Luis and Paco, and we have brought them together under the title `Viva Voz Vintage Stories’”.

Recording of the CD “Relatos Vintage de Viva Voz”.

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“From here I encourage those who have small-great illusions like ours and do not have the resources, to contact Cream Lender Credit and request an advance through the fast credit line. I think that online procedures scare us with benefits, and we never count the positive things that are done with that money. You have to tell the stories, like ours, the story of eight friends working together on a project and an illusion. Hopefully our story will inspire others to fulfill dreams and improve their lives. ”

A help for happy endings

Did you like Elisa’s story? Do you want to make your plans, your ideas, your dreams come true? Well, do not think twice, contact us and request your online credit line easily and quickly.

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